Feast of St. Thomas Uncovered

On the web https://youtu.be/x0cikwzCWWU
Release Date

This is one of our favorite Christmas Barrel movies. It’s the second of our “On Point with Todd Zestermann” episodes, and it deals with a traditional European holiday that falls into the Christmas season. We shot on the Sony FS700 at multiple locations and with a substantiall cast for such a short film.

Director Mike Hammari
Producer Mike Hammari
Writer Mike Hammari
Director of Photography Matthew Stumphy
Editor Mike Hammari
Todd Zesterman Collin Mapp
Todd Zesterman (Voice) Travis Morgan
Farmer 1 Peter Sherayko
Farmer 2 Kurtis Anton
Professor Frank Jancy Mike Hammari
Jonna Happers Sariah DeVard
Sketch Artist Matthew Stumphy
Rebecca Nolan Alixzandra Dove
John & Drew Brandon Standford
Other Crew
Compositing Mike Hammari