Flash Bomb

On the web https://youtu.be/P8mmgbdgX8M
Release Date

This ridiculous video was made as a submission for the 2012 Los Angeles Young Single Adult Film Festival. We were asked to come in and edit the thing after it was already in the can. I fear that there are some shots that are blown out here and there, but I can’t really blame the cameraman as I think he was obliged to just follow the dancers around with no time or ability to control the lighting or much of anything else. Gotta love the idea, though, huh? Dancing cops with plastic guns 🙂

Director Melissa Adrina Parker
Producer Samantha Barrios
Writer Melissa Adrina Parker
Director of Photography Jarom Elsworth
Editor Matthew Stumphy
Captain Jeff Dickson
Boomer Travis Morgan
B-Team Mariya Ivanushkina, Reed Farnsworth, Martha Howe, Scott Porter, MarLee Candell, Darryl Pink, Samantha Barrios
Chola Kaliska Day
Crime Boss Rebecca Morales
Thugs John Eike, Edmundo Alarcon
Pizza Delivery Guy Austin Grehan
Other Crew
Associate Producer Kaliska Day, Martha Howe
Props Samantha Barrios, Rylinn Bunnage
Gaffer Christopher Stefanic
1st Assistant Director Graciela Valderrama
2nd Assistant Director Austin Grehan
Production Assistant Rylinn Bunnage, Samantha Barrios
Makeup Charity Rawlings
Costumes MarLee Candell
Craft Services Rylinn Bunnage
Stunts Mariya Ivanushkina, John Eike