Frank Buxton, Supernatural Exterminator

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We made this little film to throw into a small festival in Los Angeles. It was shot on our Sony FS700/Odyssey 7Q+ comb. We had to do a little bit of compositing work to blow up one of our characters at the end, so had to shoot a tiny bit of the show on a green screen. It was essentially a 2-day shoot, one for the house location and the other for the green screen (though that didn’t take a whole day). Kudos to the actors for turning in hilarious performances and making our dialogue sound a lot better than it actually was. For lighting, we used our all-LED kit, with CTO on the fixtures to blend with the practicals in the house.

Director Matthew C. S. Julander
Producer Matthew C. S. Julander, Julie Hinton
Writer Matthew C. S. Julander, Julie Hinton, Mike Hammari
Director of Photography Matthew C. S. Julander
Editor Mike Hammari
Frank Buxton Nicolas Brady
Maddie Madarow Julie Hinton
Tinder Date Jordon Sorenson
Other Crew
Gaffer Mike Hammari
Makeup Charity Rawlings
Boom Operator Kevin Holmgren
Compositor/Digital Effects Matthew C. S. Julander