Beatrix Potter Must Die

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This was our second round entry in the Hive Collaborative’s “Ten Show.” We were given $500, some of which needed to be used to bid on a script and actors from the groups that were provided by the Hive. Once we had our script and players, we had 72 hours to turn in a finished product. Happily, we have someone in the family who owns a Victorian home that we were able to shoot in. Matthew quite enjoyed the lighting set up for this, as he was able to build a light-blocking tent around the entire porch and use his own lights to simulate moonlight. We were hoping for a sort of Jane Austen-style comedy of manners. We hope you’ll enjoy the result.

Director Cherie Julander
Producer Cherie Julander, Matthew C. S. Julander
Writer Patrick Gabridge
Director of Photography Matthew C. S. Julander
Editor Cherie Julander
Beatrix Potter Julie Cordell-Seamons
Farmer McGregor William McAllister