Fund Duel: Putting the Fun Back in Fundraising (1 min)

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This is the one-minute version of a commercial we made for a new fundraising website called Fund Duel ( We were given the stipulation that would use a pair of honest to goodness Sumo wrestlers in the video, given that the CEO had met someone from USA Sumo and formed a partnership. We cranked out a screenplay, trying to work in the style of the Harmon Brothers, and this is the result.

Because we’re overachievers, we went ahead and held a photoshoot the same day we shot most of the video at Paragon Media in Santa Ana, California. Our photographer was a talented creator and delight to work with named Rocco Ceselin.

Director Matthew C. S. Julander
Producer Matthew C. S. Julander
Writer Matthew C. S. Julander
Director of Photography Matthew C. S. Julander
Editor Matthew C. S. Julander
Professor Pitchman Matthew C. S. Julander
Doctor Detail Billy ‘Sly’ Williams
Doctor Data Rachel Bartlett
Byamba Ulambayaryn Byambajav
Yama Yamamotoyama Ryūta
Bunny Man Kenrick Carrera
Pajama Woman Julie Hinton
Car Wash Man Nicolas Brady
Car Wash Woman Amanda Cameron
Fancy Luncheon Lady Linda Hansen
Fancy Luncheon Gentleman Dana Hansen
Chef Lisa Bramwell Stout
Bus Boy Ian Liu
Other Crew
Assistant Director Julie Hinton
Art Department Julie Hinton
Lighting Technician Ian Liu, Joseph Torrez
Assistant Camera Ian Liu, Joseph Torrez