Sad Boy – LifeSpan GlowUp Treadmill Spot

Release Date

This project began at Vega Media Studios in Salt Lake City, when we met with a group of writers and came up with concepts for a LifeSpan Treadmill commercial. Matthew’s “Sad Boy” idea was chosen by the client. We directed the commercial over two days at several different locations, and provided the lighting, then passed off the footage to Vega’s editor to cut it together. A very fun shoot, all around.

Director Matthew C. S. Julander, Cherie Julander
Producer Brandy Vega
Writer Matthew C. S. Julander
Director of Photography Nathan Moffett
Sad Boy Lewis Cummins
Mom Courtney Racule
Dad Adam Fisher
Other Crew
1st Assistant Camera Jonathan Nelson
Hair and Makeup Rachelle Krause Remington