They All Want Cake

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This film was made for the Hive Collective’s “Ten Show.” The Hive is a little theater collective in Provo, Utah that due to the COVID-19 pandemic was forced to revise what had previously been a short-form theater production competition into a short film contest. Cherie Julander signed up to compete, and Matthew Julander (then Stumphy) was brought in as the D.P. Cherie was given a budget of $500, some of which had to be used to bid on a script and actors from pools that were made available by the Hive. Anything she had left over was put into production. We had 3 days to shoot and edit this short film from when we had gotten our script and actors selected. This is the result.

Director Cherie Julander
Producer Cherie Julander, Matthew C. S. Julander
Director of Photography Matthew C. S. Julander
Editor Cherie Julander
Martin Steve Lesser
The Interrogator Dannia Tan